Our Kennel
TThe front of our kennel. I'm standing on my deck as I take the picture. We
have installed french drains for run off (septic tank to be installed late
2011 for odor control). We added a perimeter security fence around the
kennels for extra protection (we live in the country and behind us is
hundreds of acres of woods full of who knows what.
A wider view of the kennel. You can see how the custom dog house (to the
right) is in position to the kennel. To the left is a sitting area and koi pond
which the Boston's have punctured the liner to the pond but they still enjoy
dipping in whats left of it. Another honey do  project....ha!
The inside of our kennel building. The one thing we decided was that our
Boston's had to have was what they were accustomed to....the comforts of
our home. So we finished the inside of our kennel to duplicate our home.
Crates (which we strongly believe in at bedtime) comfortable bedding
(comforters preferred)  heat/air, pretty colors and a clean environment. The
building is equipped with a sink, small fridge (for yogurt) and freezer (for
meat). Each crate is attached to the wall with doggie door access to an
outside run for play or "go potty". The tops of the crates open for my access
to the Boston's. You can  see  pictures on the back wall of our Boston's that
have accomplished so much. We call this our trophy wall.
p.s. that is Manny and Sheba in the crate...the rest are outside in their pool
or running the yard for playtime. The Boston's are not always kenneled. In
fact they are kenneled mostly when visitors are here or in times of extreme
temperatures and at bedtime. Most are running free or are in the play run or
crashed on my sofa or bed.
This is the back side of the kennel. Each kennel has a swimming pool just
for fun. They love water!! You can see the doggie doors that go to the
inside of the building into their crates. We believe that sunshine and fresh
air is as important to a dog as it is to a human. They have the choice to
lounge in the sun or be in their crate in the air if they so choose. We have
installed shade clothes over each pen for the hottest times of the year.
Behind me is our goat pens. Not just sure why we have goats but they
sure  do entertain the crew..(we just love animals, were living our 2nd
childhood I suppose). And yes! we had goat babies last year. I think there
called kids. I know why now!
p.s. that is Stormy our cream Frenchie  you see and Ms. Buggy's butt on
the right.
Here you see the play run we built late summer 2010. (I say that lightly
cause you know my husband is the one that REALLY does all the work..ha!)
I just wanted more play and exercise area that was safe and secure from
roads, woods etc. I want, I want, I want....I always promise my husband that
the last project will be my last. He just rolls his eyes and grins. We had a
dozer dig out and grade down so that the crew in here can have privacy.
Those in the kennel can't see those in the play run but I can see everybody
from my deck and kitchen window. To many dogs in a confined area that
are able to view each over 24/7 can cause anxiety in their temperaments.
Temperaments are very important to us. We like a calm well behaved pet.
We fenced it into two areas divided by chainlink in the middle, laid sod (yes,
sod...don't want them getting muddy) Then hauled in gravel around the
perimeter for a potty place. They actually go potty in the gravel. So, we get
all this built at a great expense and they have no shade!! I look real sweet
at my husband one night and said I want one of those fancy custom dog
houses like you see on TV for $5000 and up...hubby loves me but he put
his foot down on that one. Soooo, I went to a carpenter and asked for a
custom built doggie house. It was expensive still but my babies are worth it.
It is finished and insulated on the inside. We are in the process this year of
building bunk beds in it and installing air conditioning. My husbands honey
do list just keeps growing. He needs time off from his job so he can get
these things done....ha!
This is a room in my house where your baby sleeps. Mommas whelp
(deliver) at my bedside (that's a private room cause the bed is only made
up when you visit). During the day the babies are usally in here. In the
evenings they have run of my house being socialized with the big
doggies and loved by us. The white box is a whelping pen for mommas
that is usually in my bedroom. What do we do when we have multiple
litters?...it gets tough but you'll find out more about that in the last
comments on the bottom of the page.
This is our first dog house (or should we call it a chalet?). Built for
Rosco and Maggie about 6 years ago. Hubby did this own his own.
Hmmm...I think his taste is a little like mine. The front and rear of the
chalet opens for summer breezes and closes for winter warmth. The
crew had a awesome time running up the ramp thru the middle and out
the back opening. They loved sunning on the deck. The area this sits in
is very shaded so the grass has been beat down and it is a very dusty
place now so it is not used hardly at all. Maybe in the future we will cut
some trees, lay sod and gravel like we did our new play run and put it
back into use. After all it is a very nice well built dog house.
Our humble beginnings....My love of gardening!! Where ever Judy lives
a greenhouse will be built. This is my fourth one. Yep, hubby built it too.
Are you beginning to feel sorry for him? I tell you, he's an awesome
man! Since most of my time is spent in the yard and in or around the
greenhouse it only made since to have the crew next to me so we
decided on concrete poured next to the greenhouse. I was overwhelmed
with excitement upon completetion of the concrete and kennels! In they
went, the Boston's that is. Maggie, Rosco, Ms. Buggy and Daisy (beds
were built inside the greenhouse to get out of the rain). Even they were
excited that first day. Like children they ripped and run in this new area
of the yard. Well, nightfall came that first day, as hubby and I settled on
the sofa after a long day of play we just looked at each other knowing
what the other one was thinking. Off to the greenhouse and kennels we
went. Grabbing up the crew and bringing them back into the house. Up
on the sofa we all went. We were family again!! These kennels were
really never used much. Only when a girl was in season and she needed
protection from a male. The greenhouse was torn down in 2009 and
replaced with the kennels you see now. Our crew has grown since the
beginning and we do utilize our new facilities. I do one day want the
greenhouse rebuilt. I'm just to scared to ask hubby.....
Last comments.........
Well here we are in mid-summer of 2011. My wish list is never ending. The
more mommas we have the more room I need. The house just won't hold the
number of litters I have...we have grown since the beginning. I went building
shopping without my hubby's approval. Contractors I sought out for sure! Got
my plans in place, put on some good music, broke out a bottle of wine and
swooned my dear hubby. I ended the night with my blueprint of our new
building. You should of have seen the look on his face! "But, but" I said,
"Honey this is for you'!! It is 24x30 and has a 12x30 bonus room upstairs.
"YOUR MAN CAVE" I said. "Where you can draw, listen to your music, put in a
pool table if you want. I take the bottom you take the top, put a lock on the
door. Do whatever you want to do up there". Well, I'm happy to say he went for
it. The contractor is finishing up the final details and hopefully we'll begin
construction of our new Boston nursery/man cave in July or Aug. of 2011.
Voters please...do you think hubby might give me half his man cave or should I
leave it be? After all what's his is mine...right? Ha!!! I know you guys out there
reading this feel his pain.
I sincerely hope for those of you who have your babies shipped
you have enjoyed your visit  here on the website. We wished
you could visit and hang with the gang. They are always ready
to pile up in someones lap. Just know your seeing the good
side here.  When visiting wear your jeans and mud boots cause
my honey do list is never ending and were always up to our
knees in mud or dust. No perfect people here just normal folk. I
think the lawn mower is broke, the grass is knee deep and
needs mowing....HONEY, WHERE ARE YOU??
Why does he do it? Cause he's a fool
about these babies!! A big kid at heart!
This is Trudy (frenchie), Thelma's and
Daisy's babies from 2010.
Phase 1 (building) and Phase 2 (concrete drive, the nursery
concrete wraps around the left side of building) is complete as
of Sept 1, 2011. We will now be begin phase 3 which will be
electricity and water. Soon after we will began the finishing of
the nursery and man cave once my husband is able to put all
his tools into the garage. The nursery is the room with the glass
Phase 1 and 2 are complete. See pictures
Our Nursery is 98% complete as of  June 2012. We still have
some finishing touches and decorating to do. The nursery has
its own washer/dryer and very large sink for bathing. Along with
plenty of cabinets, whelping beds and playpens for babies.
Tiled floors for durability.
On the opposite side of the cabinets is the puppy playpens. On
each puppy playpen we have cut an opening in the backside of
the pen. When puppies are small we raise the grid and close
off the doogie door that opens from the rear of the playpen out
to a potty area. When puppies are old enough to play we may
lower the grid again and they can come in/out from their crate
area to the outside play area. This feature is used selectively
depending on weather and age of puppies. We also can use
this area for adult dogs when needed.
At the rear of the room is our whelping beds. The doors are
custom built by a local craftsman to our specs. Each room is
secure in every way imaginable for the safety of mom and
babies. Each whelping bed has a doggy door access to a
secured area to potty. Floors are a porcelain tile as
recommended by the flooring store. Porcelain is a non porous
surface. We have purchased extra tiles to go up the side walls
but have not installed it yet.
What you see here is the outside walls of our nursery. The
doggy door access to the outside. We used a professional
series kennels for the ultimate protection.  Above each kennel
is a heavy shade cloth. We seriously contemplated a solid roof
over this area for visual appeal but in the end decided against
it. A roof will allow heat to build up under it so we meticulously
camouflaged the shade cloth so it is not that visible. The grassy
area you see is a future permanent safe play yard for the
puppies. We've got to do some backfilling to get this area
level...next year maybe. Right honey? Ha!
A mans work is never done. Bless my husbands heart!! While my husband is sweating away
getting his honey-do list complete my mind is staying busy coming up with more ideas. One day
he got on the computer, drafted and printed out his honey-do list. My feelings were hurt. I
thought he was being mean. He said he wasn't it was just that he can't remember all I wanted
done. I think he was being ugly! Anyway, as his first day of vacation started for 2012 my new
chicken coop arrived. On the very same day! Imagine that!! I can say that is one project that is
100% complete for 2012! We have a dozen or so laying hens, a rooster, a pot belly pig and a
peacock and peahen. Did I mention the pigmy goats? All only for our enjoyment...and the
grandkids! Oh, one more thing. I thought the grandkids needed a pool in 2012. I have to admit
that in secrecy I bought the pool and had in installed all without hubby's knowledge. He was out
of town so I had great oppurtinity to do this. After all he wasn't going to have to do the work. I
cannot print his comment when he returned home..Ha!
Dylan, my grandson enjoying the pool as we
began filling it with water. We'll update
pictures of the pool when were complete with
the landscaping etc.

Hubby was kind of ill but he's a big kid at
heart and I think he's enjoying it more than
the grandkids! When I seen steam blowing
out his ears I told him the pool was a great
place to cool off....eeww!
The Man Cave............
I know you guys out there are wondering "where are the
pictures of the man cave?" As bad as I hate to say it as of June
2012 it is full of storage. One day honey, I promise!

Daisy being the ham she is!
Is the swim lesson over