Our love of Bostons started with Maggie, a wonderful, good
natured and very hyper Boston.  Maggie had been to many homes in
her first year of life and was quickly whisked to a new home because
of her hyper-activity.  While visiting a friend, my husband fell in love
with Maggie and her personality. They told us the tale of her life and how no
one would keep Maggie for more than a few days.  My husband told them if
they wanted to give her away again to let him know.  A few days later he
receives a phone call asking if he still wanted Maggie. Much to my dismay, here
comes Maggie. Now you have to understand I was not a dog lover, especially
one living in my house. To my surprise this little girl changed our lives forever.
My husband could be found most days sitting at the top of the porch steps
throwing a ball out into the yard for Maggie to bring back.  If he wasn't on the
steps he was in his recliner throwing the ball down the hall. Maggie never tired
of playing this game.  He was awakened every morning with Maggie on his
chest, ball in mouth, ready to play.  The only time Richard got relief was when
the kids visited.  She greeted all visitors at the door with ball in mouth.

My son's, John David and Lee (hence the name JohnLee Bostons) really loved
Maggie and her eagerness to entertain.  They couldn't spend enough time with
her because they lived with their father in another town.  "What's a mother to
do?"   Richard and I bought them their own bundle of joy, Rosco.

In early 2005, John David, my youngest son at the age of 19 was killed in a car
wreck.  Soon after, Rosco came to live with us.  Unless you have experienced
the loss of a child you cannot begin to imagine what Rosco has come to mean
to me and my family.  In an effort to help heal my pain I decided to breed
Rosco. I searched for the perfect little girl for Rosco. My intent was and will
always be to carry on Rosco's bloodline. I know that one day I will have to bear
the pain of him leaving me too.  I am preparing for that day now.  I will always
have Rosco or his pups with me always.

In my search for the perfect girl, (isn't that what mothers are for, ha! ha!) for
Rosco I absorbed myself in the breed.  I spent countless hours reading and
studying the breed standard along with pedigrees and attending AKC shows.  I
feel the Bostons I have are a good representation of the breed standard set
forth by AKC.  Rosco is an excellent representation of this.  He has a nice
square head, excellent ear set, classic Boston expression and nice round eyes
(which is disappearing from the breed), and short stocky build.  My final
decisions for females were Ms. Buggy and Betty Boop, now retired (and sister
to Ms. Buggy ) and finally Daisy.  My breeding program for future years will
stem from these three beautiful girls and Rosco.  I have since added Toby and
Manny.  Two beautiful males, I feel these two boys will compliment my future
little girls and allow me to continue with the breed as outlined with AKC.

I supply the above information because I am often asked questions relating to
my breeding program and why I breed.  And last, but certainly not the least, we
LOVE these dogs and LOVE the breed. They have become my passion in life.

Thank you
JohnLee Bostons
A Little About Us
"A DOG is the only thing on earth that will LOVE you