Baby kissing
Chiquita loves to do the dishes
Loagn playing
Left to right, Maggie, Ms Buggy, Bailee, Trudy and of course me.
Logan with some bed buddies
Jack teasing some babies
At play!
JohnLee Bostons
Fun Pics
Left to Right, Rosco, Daisy, Maggie, Ms Buggy and Mercy
Mossy chasing 4 wheeler
Rosco and Maggie tug-a-war
Rosco caught stealing a french fry
Abbey our grand daughter loving a baby!
Teaching them to sit
Jack sleeping with his baby
Rosco with his mama
Grandson Dylan napping with Maggie and Maximus
Dylan inspecting new crate for puppies
Bostons make great sleeping
partners and love to give kisses.
Max likes his pacifier
Lily and Maggie sitting for treats
Trudy and Chiquita
Dylan getting kisses
Chiquita in pond
grooming time