JohnLee Bostons
JohnLee's Wish Come True
The beginning of our
love affair with the
Her favorite place to sleep
Shhhhh! The boss is gone, this
is my recliner now.
AnnaLee's Snow Storm Rising at JohnLee's
Stormy is a wonderful
addition to our family. Ch.
sired,18lbs and not much
bigger than a Boston.
What a name you say? Well, as myself
and my new friend traveled home from
Ohio the big snow storm of 2011 hit
North Alabama. Closing interstates,
highways, fastfood, everything! My
husband called me on my cell, I'm crying
like a baby. I'm looking for a hotel and
he tells me you can do it! Travel behind
the big trucks tracks. Snow was a foot
deep and growing. So me and my new
friend drove on. Hitting Al. at nightfall.
Me crying, her scratching her butt. Was
it nerves? Who knows? We made it,
only to my driveway, my hubby was
waiting on me at the end of our long
driveway and I turned the wheel over to
him at that point. I wanted to name her
Butt Scootin Boogie but Snow Storm
Rising sure seemed to fit her a tad
better. Oh, the butt scratching stopped
once we were home or was it when
daddy took over the wheel?
JohnLee's "Thor"
Future sire to our Frenchies and son of our precious Trudy
JohnLee's Catch Me if you Can
Julre's Dyna Switchback
Akc pointed
JohnLee's Dora the Explorer
Co owned with Anna G.
Trudy and her baby Thor