Roxie Rose
Baby Roxie Rose
Where are they
Roxie Rose
Lily with her pal Tux
Bailee and her best pal Belle
Lily and Tux window shopping
Dee Dee and Desi
This page is dedicated to our babies who have moved on to happy homes.
The Champions of our hearts instead of the show ring.
We love to post each and every one, for we often wonder about them and how they are
doing. Remember to click on the underlined links to see these babies growing up.
Where are they now? page 2
Roxie Rose
Thorne napping with
his new buddy Miller.
I just have to add that
I very much enjoyed my visit with
the Turner family!
They traveled hours
in heavy rains to
pick up Miller.
The whole family was
a hoot!!
While mom and dad
loaded up the babies and Miller
for the journey
home, Thorne was
collecting him a few
more puppies to take
home. He had a pups,
Leia and Rocky in each
arm headed out the door!
This is the 1st time I had to count
puppies and dogs
after a family left, Ha!!
Miller is surely blessed!!
Rocky lives with the Barrow family in Maine.
He is the son of
Alex and Betty Boop.
Thank you for the pix!
Roxie Rose lives with the Butler's in
Arab, Al.  She was born to
Rosco and
Thanks for the pictures.
Bailee, she lives with the Butlers
in  Al. She was born to
and Betty Boop. Thanks for the
pix, Brian!
Lily lives with her pal Tux in La.
She was born to
Rosco and Betty Boop.
Thanks Mary for the pix!
Desi and Dee Dee live in Ms.
with the Ford family. They were
born to
Rosco and Daisy.
Thanks for the pix!
Abby lives with the Smith family in Al.
She was born to
Rosco and Daisy.
Abby has a new sister Essie a Ms.
Buggy x Sonny daughter.Thanks for
the pix!
"Miller High Life" a.k.a. "Miller" lives in Tn. with
the Turner family. He was born to
Ms. Buggy
and AKC CH. Dallas. Thanks for the pix!
Princess Leia lives in Md. with her pal Stella and the
Allen family. She was very special to us and kept us on
our toes. The Allen's report she is keeping them busy
Thanks for the pix.
The picture above is Daniel and his
girl Leia. A picture that touches my
Below is my son
John David and his
Ace of Spades lives in Al. with the Gobles.
He was born to
Rosco and Ms. Buggy.
Thanks for the pix!
Bama's Bullseye,
he lives with the Lundy family in Mt.
Thanks for the pix!
Bailee relaxing
Belle and Bailee
Here's Rocky all grown up!
Sammy, son of Stella and Alex.
He lives with Jeanie and Bill in Tx.
Thanks for the pix!
Momma Jeanie, why won't this big dog submit to
Trixie lives with the Payne family in Al.  
She was born to Stella and Alex
Thanks for the pictures.
Rosco submitting to
Lily on her way to Mary and Tux.
Adopted by the Allen Family in
Thor x Bridgets baby girl
Frenchy "Frizz" Adopted by
the Dean Family in Ga.
Thor x Bridgets baby boy