Where are they
Thank you to all the families for all the pictures and updates.
Please keep sending them!
Bessie, adopted by Grant and Jana
Daughter of Ms. Buggy and Rosco.
Bessie say's "if you want to see more of me"
Click here!!
Daddy's a photographer and I'm his favorite
Granny Judy said she knows there will be
more coming so I get my very own page!
Reggie, adopted by the Knaak family
Son of Rosco and Ms. Buggy.
Ahhh...A little man and his dog.
Black Jack, adopted by the Durack family
Son of Rosco and Ms. Buggy
Ahhh...a man and his dog!
Gabby, adopted by the Calkins family  
Daughter of Ms. Buggy and Dallas
A special visit from Gabby Christmas
Thank you Calkin family for taking
the time out of your trip and letting us
visit our special little girl!!!
Bella Blue, adopted by the Chase family
Daughter of Manny and Chiquita.
Click here to see Bella Blue "Boston Style
a YouTube video.
Bella , adopted by the Gleis family
Daughter of Manny and Diamond.
Boagie, adopted by the Cole family
Son of Manny and Diamond.
p.s. this is the famous little boy in the
red p.j.'s you see thru out the website.
Boagie meets his new sister "Maggie"
He has cat siblings too! I hear he
hides under the table from them.
Boss Hogg, adopted by the Hook family
"French Bulldog"
Son of Trudy and Poncho
Ruby Anne, adopted by Stephanie and Chris
Daughter of Toby and Heidi
And that is Bella, Gleis family in her arm too.
Mercedes, adopted by Steve and Judi
Daughter of Manny and Daisy
Dixie, Dawn and Delta sisters, Adopted by Reaves family
Daughters of Manny and Daisy.
Chaco, adopted by the Wolf family
Son of Manny and Ms. Buggy
Emmie Mae, Adopted by the Faber family .
Daughter of Manny and Stella.
Gertie, adopted by the  Mercier family
French Bulldog
Daughter of Trudy and Poncho
Gracie, adopted by the Hyatt family
Daughter of Manny and Daisy
Gucci, adopted by the Brett family
Daughter of Manny and Chiquita
Linus, Lucy and Snoopy, adopted by the Wigginton family
Linus and Lucy son and daughter of Stella and Alex
Snoopy, son of Manny and Stella (hopefully will get a pic soon of
And now Marcie....she is sleeping with Linus.
Sophie, daughter of Thelma and Sonny. Adopted by the Britt family
Son of Rosco and MeMe. Adopted by the Liu family
YoYo, Son of Diamond and Manny. Adopted by the family
Baily, daughter of Ms. Buggy and Sonny. Boomer, daughter of Trudy and
Poncho Adopted by the Loving family
Son of Daisy and Manny, Adopted by the Barber family
Juno and her new sisters Winnie and Liesel. Adopted by Sandy and
To see more of Juno click here. (under construction)
We are very proud of Juno, she is our first 4th generation puppy. She is sired by Sonny.
Mom is Windy. Grandparents are Manny and Chiquita. Great grandparents are Rosco and
Daisy. She is a true representation that we breed for type/consistency.
Brody, son of Ms.Buggy and Sonny. Adopted by the Barton family
Brox, son of Stella and Alex. Puppy #2 from us is Tazwell, son of Bella and
Adopted by Grant and Stephanie
p.s. Brox  was my mothers favorite puppy of all times. As she set in her
chair Brox would untie her shoes. Now, she wasn't a dog lover but Brox
stole her heart. Her nickname for him was "Marty".
Buffet, son of Lizzy and Rosco. Adopted by the Huff family.
Duffy, daughter of Chiquita and Manny. Adopted by the Kirkpatrick
Piper, daughter of Chiquita and Manny. Adopted by the Chancy
Lucy  has gone over to the rainbow bridge.
She will always be remembered.
Nike, Parker and Pippa,  Adopted by the Wood
Pippa and Parker, daughter
and son of Chiquita and
Finn, son of Bella and Killer. Adopted by the Arsenault family
Finn with his pal Dill asleep. This
pictured is featured the the BTR
2012 calender
Lola, daughter of Stella and Sonny. Adopted by the Deason
Oreo, son of Daisy and Manny. Adopted by Marcie
Miles, son of Rosco and Daisy adopted by Misty
Maddie, daughter of Louise and Sonny, adopted by the
Perry family
Reggie puppy #2 son of Louise and Manny
Sophie, daughter of  Lizzy and Rosco. Adopted by Sharon
(holding Rosco during one of her visits to Sophie)